Shanhan Eden Necklace

AED 139,000.00

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This magnificent handmade necklace combines yellow and white gold and is suspended elegantly on the neck featuring multi-coloured dazzling gemstones emulating the colours of paradise. In the manner of the Shanhan collection, the Eden necklace reflects an ornate Asian-inspired design, seen for example, in the exquisitely aligned Shanhan fans in the principle motif dangling long and exuberantly off the wearer’s neck. Perfect for everyday or fancy evening attire, the necklace incorporates a multitude of aquamarines. It can be worn long, or short, with the pendant dangling just off the front of the chest or on the back. Closure of the necklace is made for maximum flexibility and that hugs the chain snuggly inside. A masterpiece jewel, this is a necklace that celebrates life’s every turn through elegance, artistry and the magic of coloured gemstones.

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