About The Designer


About the Designer

Since childhood, Dubai-based jewelry designer Salama Khalfan has had a fervent love for art and design. As a young girl she would create paintings using mediums such as gouache and oils until as an adult she fell in love with earth’s precious minerals and stones. The allure of combining these two passions–art and jewelry–led her to create beautiful objects that incorporated the timeless glamour of yesterday with the modern functionality of today. Additionally, her love of horses prompted the inspiration for her jewelry creations.

Salama’s interest in the design and jewelry manufacturing process led her to pursue a formal education in the field at the Gemological Institute of America where she obtained her certificate. One of Salama’s first jewelry pieces was an equestrian-themed bracelet using gold jewelry intertwined with a leather wraparound strap. After sharing the piece with friends and family who encouraged her to duplicate the piece, Salama began initial sketches for the launch of her first collection in 2014. At the forefront of her mind was to create fresh designs for a modern and stylish woman while being careful to retain the distinctive craftsmanship associated with early Arabic jewelry. Salama has since earned the Best Daywear Jewelry Prize at the third edition of Ebda’a Award held in Abu Dhabi in 2015.