Throughout history, the diamond has symbolized the enduring bond of love. Its brilliance, strength and value reflect the individuals that wear them. The jewelry creations of Salama Khalfan uses only the highest quality diamonds. When planning on purchasing a diamond it is of utmost importance that you know as much as possible about how diamonds are classified. A diamond’s worth is evaluated on four levels, also called the four C’s: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.

In terms of clarity, most diamonds contain small natural characteristics called “inclusions.” The size, position, number, nature and color of these inclusions determine a stone’s clarity grade. For example, FL or IF refers to no visible defects; VVS1 and VVSII means very, very slight inclusions invisible to the naked eye; and VS1 and VS2 refers to very slight inclusions invisible to the naked eye. Then there is SI1 and SI2 showing small inclusions invisible to the naked eye and lastly I1, I2, and I3, imperfect inclusions visible to the naked eye. The smaller and less frequent the inclusions, the more valuable and rare the diamond. For Salama Khalfan choosing quality is a way of being. It must be chosen and adhered to each day in order to offer continuous creations of beauty.